Our Fees



Review of Landlord's Standard Form Lease

$350/ flat fee

4 hour max. Additional hours $100/hour

Review of Offer to Lease

$200/ flat fee

2 hour max. Additional hours $100/hour


$50/ estoppel

Lease Audit

$300/ Consultation

Draft/Review & Negotiation

$450/ flat fee

5 hour Max Document Allowance. $100 per additional hour

Abstracting - Office and Industrial

$100/ flat fee

Abstracting - Retail

$195/ flat fee


$300/ flat fee

Commercial Lease Audit Services


$300.00 / Consultation Fee

We are freelance forensic lease auditors with a combined 20+ years’ experience in lease audit and commercial real estate accounting.

What exactly is Forensic Lease Audit?

Simply put, it’s an in-depth analysis of landlord’s operating expense statements and lease documents in order to identify potential overcharges, if any, and then recover them. Basically, our scope is to ensure compliance with the terms of your lease. Rent includes for the most part, base rent or minimum rent plus additional rent (otherwise referred to as CAM or operating costs and taxes) which is by far the highest expense any business owner pays on a monthly basis. Tenants are best at operating their own business or trade, but they are not experts in real estate or leasing and often times the lease complexities tend to let compliance slide to the landlord’s advantage resulting in overcharges in operating costs, insurance, taxes and other areas . According to our experience, you’re probably paying more than you should for your premises if you are in one of these situations:

  • An in depth review has not been done in five or more years or not at all.
  • It is the first year of the term.
  • There is a change in ownership.
  • You are planning a lease renewal, expand or vacate the premises.
  • The overall costs charged by landlord have increased over the industry standards which is between 3% to 5% from one year to the next.
  • An extended renovation or construction work has been performed on the property.

We know and understand that you have committed to your premises for a number of years and therefore, our negotiation process with the landlord will always focus on keeping the tenant-landlord relationship at its best while recovering the overcharges and returning them to where it belongs – your bottom line. We work exclusively for the tenant and provide customized attention to ensure that your best interest are at the forefront of everything we do. How we calculate our fee? Basically, we take 30% of any savings found for current year end billings plus 10% for each year of the extension. If there are no savings, you don't pay! We believe it is in the best interest of every tenant to initiate an audit. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain! Feel free to contact us for a consultation. /p>


Reviewing your Landlord's Lease



It's important you have someone who can read and review the Landlord's standard lease document before you sign the Offer..just to ensure there is a clear understanding of the obligations of both parties. AND WE CAN HELP! Let us review the Lease proposed by the Landlord and we will provide you with a summary of the clauses that you may want to address in the Offer. We offer this consultation services as experts in the field of commercial leases, and not as legal advice or a legal opinion. To get started, email us a copy of the proposed lease and we will contact you within 48 hours. Our fee includes up to 4 hours. Each additional hour is $100.

Let Us negotiate your Lease!



Whether you are a realtor, lawyer, landlord or a tenant, it is essential that you have the security of a watertight and practical lease. Let us manage the review of the Lease and take charge of the communications to negotiate and finalize. Our flat fee includes up to 5 hours. Any additional hours are charged at $100 per hour.

Site Selection at its Best!

If you are looking for a new location or relocating  your existing business, we have comprehensive site selection services designed to select the best location for you and your needs taking into consideration demographic fit, efficient footprint, appropriate signage, competitive rental rate, adequate parking and appropriate location in your trade area. We will work with you to identify the best one for your needs and prepare you to proceed to the offer stage for the new location.

Lease Abstracting Services

In order to quantify accurate monetary obligations of the Tenant as well as compliance with respect to all other non-monetary obligations of both parties to a lease, leases must be abstracted. Lease abstracts should provide clear, concise, complete descriptions of key lease clauses. Our services include thorough review of each lease for critical dates, financial data and specialized clauses and options, and detailed input of all lease information.