Commercial Real Estate Services

Drafting, Review and Negotiation Services

  • OFFER AND LEASE REVIEW: The Lease is the document that governs the terms and conditions between you and the Landlord and which you and your business will operate under for many years to come.  So it needs to reviewed and negotiated carefully to ensure that the terms and conditions make sense and protect your interests throughout the tenancy. We will draft and/or review of the Offer and/or Lease (drafted by the Landlord or Realtor) and facilitate the negotiations including the preparation, negotiation and finalization of the Offer and/or the Lease including any amending agreements related thereto. Reviewing services include review of the offer, review or preparation of the Lease to ensure that the terms of the offer are incorporated, communication with the Landlord on the Tenant's behalf to facilitate changes to the document, communication to the client to advise of any concerns with the Landlord's standard form Lease document, and finalization of the documents in a form that is ready for signature.
  • REVIEW OF STANDARD FORM LEASE: Review of the Offer /Lease (prepared by Landlord or Realtor) and provide you with a summary of the areas that you may want to further address or revise.  Some areas we focus on are restrictions on renewal rights or financing, insurance, signage, relocation, termination rights, over holding, penalties, audit and transfer restrictions.
  • SUBLETTING YOUR PREMISES: If you have too much space or are looking to bring in a sub-tenant, we can review the Lease to ensure the transaction is permitted and draft the appropriate documentation for Landlord's consent if needed.
  • OFFER TO LEASE / LEASE DRAFTING: You only have one chance to set the terms and conditions of your tenancy so you will want to make sure you don't make a mistake that could cost you thousands of dollars.  We can form an offer to lease and/or lease customized to fit your specific needs.  Then we can approach your prospective Landlord to negotiate the terms, keeping you in the loop as we>Drafts, reviews, amends and administers to commercial, industrial, office and retail offers, leases and ancillary documents including renewals, expansions, relocations, surrenders, terminations, assignments and subleases.

Real Estate Brokerage and Administration Services

  • SIGN AND LOCKBOX SERVICE: If you're like most agents, your signs are shoved in your car's trunk or scattered in the garage and who knows where all the lockboxes are! We can assist. We will store your real estate signs and lockboxes for you at no charge. When you need a sign and/or lockbox delivered or picked up, just call or email us. $39.99 round trip ($24.99 one way) in GTA -
  • REAL ESTATE ADMINISTRATION SERVICE : Includes coordination and preparation of listing paperwork, preparing webforms and agreements, MLS searches, database CRM maintenance, pre-listing services (photos, signs, lockboxes, setup of showings and virtual tours and entering listing into MLS and uploading once approved), marketing flyers/e-blasts (1 e-blast per week), social media ads and posts, and other website posts and listings (, kijiji, property websites), and setting up meetings and appointments. Fee $300.00/month.
  • LEASING / RENTING DEALS: Includes scheduling and showing of property, verifying and qualifying prospective tenants, posting and responding to online listings for the vacancy, lease/offer preparation and negotiation, preparing and reviewing rental application and conducting background checks, creating promotional material and flyers. 50% of last month's Rent deposit per deal
  • PROPERTY / LEASING MONTHLY SERVICE: Collection of rent, preparing Landlord/Tenant forms and lease documents, managing repair requests, handling tenant defaults and evictions, record keeping for each tenant. 10% of Rent per Month

Real Estate Development

  • WHY A DEMOGRAPHIC REPORT? If you are looking for new sites for your business enterprise, or just looking to expand, the best way to do it is with relevant demographic reports to help you know who to target and how, by defining a target demographic. If you are not using demographic tools, you could be overlooking key information and market opportunities. Demographic reports provide streamlined information on population trends, age, gender, educational background, household income, ethnicity and so much more. They are an invaluable resource that give you all the information you need to make effective and informative site selection decisions for the regions and territories that match your ideal customer profile. And they're not just for business owners. Real estate agents and home hunters can also take advantage of this information as they unlock valuable information about who's living where, which helps them target their key audience. All we need is the address, city, town or region you are interested in, and we'll do the rest.
  • SITE SELECTION: If you are looking for a new location or relocating  your existing business, we offer comprehensive site selection services designed to select the best location for you and your needs taking into consideration demographic fit, efficient footprint, appropriate signage, competitive rental rate, adequate parking and appropriate location in your trade area. We will work with you to identify the best one for your needs and prepare you to proceed to the offer stage for the new location.
  • LEASE RENEWAL: Comprehensive lease term renewal services ensures that your interests are protected and that the playing field is fair.  We will ensure you get the best rental rate possible, the right length of extension term, potential for free rent or allowances, and more extension options.

Tenant Representation

  • TENANT REPRESENTATION: Whether you are a business or retailer looking for new office, retail or industrial space, OR you have an upcoming lease expiration, OR your current office no longer meets your required needs (too small or too large), OR you just don't have the time or knowledge to go through the process of finding space or negotiating your own lease, you can benefit from the services of a tenant representation broker. We specialize in businesses who need to rent, lease or buy commercial real estate. We deal with small and large local, regional and national companies, as well as retailers, restaurants, warehouses, manufacturers, distributors or office users. From logistics, to technology and professional services and healthcare, we can help! As Tenant reps, we are here to assist you throughout the entire leasing process, from initial needs assessment, to market analysis and demographic studies, to site selection, negotiation of your lease deal terms, occupancy, lease expiration and renewal of your lease, and beyond. We can help identify more options with much less time and effort. We have access to numerous resources such as national listing databases, industry relationships with leasing brokers and Landlords and off market options for those properties not yet on the market. We can find the right real estate solution and present you with the best options to fit your requirements, while you focus on what's important...your business! And, the BEST news of all, you do not have to pay the Tenant Rep anything out of your own pocket. Generally Tenant Reps are paid a fee or commission by the Landlord upon the completion of the transaction. There are some exceptions to this, such as special demographic reports or market studies that may be outside of the scope of service, but these can generally be offered at much lower rates than other companies off them for, particularly if there is a Tenant Representation Agreement in place between the parties.

Lease Abstracting

  • If you need to have the key terms of the Lease readily available, we will review and abstract the lease for you to create an easy to understand abstract for you to use throughout the term of your tenancy.
  • Sections of the abstract will outline tenant info, rental charges, lease clauses, insurance requirements, default requirements and any other special provisions.

Lease Audit

  • Being charged too much for additional rent? Confused by the invoice and statements from the Landlord? It is important to have someone on your side who understands how to decipher a Landlord's year end billing statement, knows how to read a commercial lease and is able to narrow in on the important areas where leverage could be created during upcoming lease renewal negotiations. We can review your year end billing and your lease and then communication with the Landlord to determine and if there is any cost savings or money owing to the Tenant and to ensure details of the Lease are being honoured by the Landlord's billing system. All too often, errors could cause miscalculations that may cost a client thousands of dollars a year if it's not caught early.